(Lord Elgin era) History of, in Canada, 99; vigorous policy of La

Fontaine-Baldwin government, 99-101; and Hincks-Morin ministry, 114-117.

(Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Cartier favours building of, 45. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Early charters for, in Canada,

301. (George Brown Era) One from Quebec to Windsor and Sarnia advocated by George

Brown, 61; arrangements for building of Grand Trunk made by Hincks, 64;

negotiations fall through, 64. (Joseph Howe era) Line from Halifax to

Windsor advocated by Joseph Howe in 1835, 117, 120; survey completed in

1849, 118; European and North American Railway projected, 121-125;

transcontinental railway foretold by Howe, 135; Nova Scotia Railway

Bills passed, 141, 143; government railways in Nova Scotia, 143-147;

railway riots in Nova Scotia, 157-158. (Tilley era) In New Brunswick, subsidies

to, 19-20. See also Canadian Pacific Railway; Grand Trunk Railway;

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway; Intercolonial Railway; Canadian Northern

Railway; Northern Railway.