Morrison Joseph Curran 1816-1885 Born In Ireland Came To Canada

with his father. In 1839 called to the bar of Upper Canada; in 1843-1847

deputy clerk of the Executive Council of Canada; in 1847 elected for

West York to the Assembly; solicitor-general in the Hincks-Morin

ministry, 1853-1854; a member of the Executive Council, 1856; and the

same year receiver-general in the Tache-Macdonald administration.

Registrar of Toronto, 1859; solicitor-general in the Cartier-Macdonald

ministry, 1860. Puisne judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 1862; judge

in the Court of Queen's Bench, 1863; judge of the Court of Appeal,

1877, which position he filled until his death. =Index=: (Lord Elgin era)

Solicitor-general, West, in Hincks-Morin ministry, 1853, 126. (George Brown Era) His

connection with the contempt of court case against George Brown,

249-254; solicitor-general under Hincks, and a colleague of John A.

Macdonald, 250. =Bib.=: Dent, Can. Por. and Last Forty Years; Read,

Lives of the Judges.