Kingsford William 1819-1898 Came To Canada From England In 1837

Qualified as a civil engineer in Montreal, and practised his profession

for some years. The author of many pamphlets, in addition to his

monumental history, the preparation of which he took up late in life,

and completed shortly before his death. =Index=: (Bishop Laval era) On Dollard's

exploit, 75. =Bib.=: Works: Impressions of the West and South during a

Six Weeks' Holiday; Canadian Canals; Canadian Archaeology; Early

Bibliography of Ontario; History of Canada, 10 vols. For list of Dr.

Kingsford's contributions to periodicals, see R. S. C. Trans., 1894,

47-48. For biog., see Morgan, Can. Men; MacMurchy, Canadian