Jette Sir Louis 1836- Studied Law And Called To The Bar 1857

Practised in Montreal. Entered public life in 1872 as member for

Montreal East, defeating Sir Georges E. Cartier. Appointed puisne judge

of Supreme Court of Quebec, 1878; and the same year became professor of

civil law in Laval University; later dean of the faculty. Member of the

commission for revision of the civil code of Quebec, 1887; and of the

Alaskan Boundary Commission. Appointed lieutenant-governor of Quebec,

1898, and for a second term in 1903. Chief-justice of the Superior Court

of Quebec, 1909. =Index=: (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) One of the founders of Le Parti

National, and its organ Le National, 29-30; defeats Cartier in

Montreal East, 84. =Bib.=: Morgan, Can. Men; Rose, Cyc. Can. Biog.