Index : Sir John A Macdonald Era Leader Of Quebec Government 141 The Appointment Revealed

Macdonald's judgment, 141-142. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Conservative leader in Quebec, 24;

superintendent of public instruction, 24, 37; premier of Quebec, 68; his

character, 68. (Lord Elgin era) One of leaders of the opposition in 1847, 45;

returned in elections of 1848, 50; Solicitor-general for Lower Canada,

113; provincial secretary in Hincks ministry, 126; and in MacNab-Morin

government, 141; votes against secularization of the Clergy Reserves,

164. =Bib.=: Works: Charles Guerin, Roman de Moeurs Canadiennes;

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Publique au Canada; Souvenirs et Legendes. For biog., see Dent,

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