Index : Sir John A Macdonald Era Negotiations For Begun 45 117 Arranged For By British

North America Act, 151; difficulty in selecting route, 152,153; northern

route finally adopted, 153. (Lord Elgin era) Project to combine with Grand Trunk,

100; history of negotiations after failure of larger scheme, 100-101.

(Joseph Howe era) Recommended in Durham's Report, 118; company formed in London,

118-119; "Robinson Line" surveyed, 119; Joseph Howe's connection with

(see under Howe); new route proposed, 141-143; Imperial gua

refused, 143. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Brought under consideration, 1849, 287; Hincks on,

332. (George Brown Era) Members of British government in 1862 favourable to, except

Gladstone, 143; George Brown a convert to the scheme, 166; opposed by

Dorion, 175. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Cartier advocates roundabout route, for military and

political reasons, 49-50; Major Robinson's report, 49. (Tilley era) Proposal to

build through St. John Valley, 26; delegates consult British government,

26; arrangements made with Jackson. 27; British government refuses to

guarantee interest, 45; St. John to Shediac line, 46-47; history of,

53-58, 90, 111-112, 116, 119, 122. =Bib.=: Fleming, The Intercolonial;

Fleming, Historical Sketch of the Intercolonial Railway in Canada: An

Ency., vol. 2.