Helmcken John Sebastian

Born in England, 1832. Studied medicine and

admitted a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, 1848.

Appointed surgeon at Vancouver Island by Hudson's Bay Company; first

magistrate appointed in the colony. As magistrate stationed at Fort

Rupert, where the miners were very unruly. In 1856 elected for Esquimalt

district to the first Legislature of the colony; took a very active part

in its deliberations; and became Speaker. Member of Executive Council,

1864-1871. Opposed Confederation in 1870. Sent to Ottawa the same year

as one of the delegates to negotiate terms of union. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era)

Speaker of first Legislature of Vancouver Island, 210. =Bib.=: Morgan,

Can. Men; Begg, History of British Columbia.