Fitzgibbon James 1780-1863 Born In Ireland Joined The Tarbert

Fencibles, 1798; served in Holland the following year, and in 1801

present at the battle of Copenhagen. The same year came to Canada with

the 49th Regiment, and served under Brock with distinction in the War of

1812. In command of the British at Beaver Dam. In 1822 appointed

assistant adjutant-general; and in 1827 clerk of the House of Assembly.

Commissioned as colonel of the second West York Regiment 1831, and took

an active part in the suppression of the Rebellion of 1837. Returned to

England, where in 1850 made a military knight of Windsor. =Index=: (General Brock era)

Describes gallant conduct of Savery Brock at Egmont-op-Zee, 18-20; his

reminiscences of Brock, 66-67. (Lord Sydenham era) Made clerk of Legislative Council,

334. (William Lyon Mackenzie era) Defeats rebels at Montgomery's farm, 379. =Bib.=: FitzGibbon,

A Veteran of 1812; Lucas, Canadian War of 1812; Dent, Upper

Canadian Rebellion; Read, Rebellion of 1837; Lizars, Humours of

'37; Morgan, Cel. Can.