Fisheries Question

(Sir John A Macdonald era) Rights of American fishermen expire with

denunciation of Reciprocity Treaty, 166; the fishermen reluctant to

abandon former rights, 167; Canada's exclusive right to the inshore

fisheries recognized by Britain, 173; reciprocal trade proposed by

Canada as equivalent for the fishing rights, but rejected by Americans,

174; latter propose $1,000,000 for rights in perpetuity, 174; Macdonald

to any such arrangements, 174-175; Americans offer limited

reciprocity, 181; acceptable to British commissioners except Macdonald,

181-182; arbitration proposed by United States commissioners, 182;

Macdonald's dilemma, 183-185; opposition to treaty in Canada, 185;

Halifax Award, 190. (Lord Elgin era) Under the Treaty of 1854, 198-200. =Bib.=:

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