Begbie Sir Matthew Baillie 1819-1894 Educated At Cambridge And

called to the English bar in 1844. Judge of the colony of British

Columbia and judge of the Vice-admiralty Court, 1858-1870. Chief-justice

of British Columbia, 1870-1894, and also judge of the Admiralty district

of British Columbia, 1891-1894. Knighted, 1875. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) First judge

in British Columbia--arrives November, 1858, 239; born in Edinburgh,

1819, 239; succeeds to chief-justiceship of British Columbia and

Vancouver Island, 239; his services to the colony, 239; his notable

journey, 1859, to Upper Fraser, 254; his character, 255. =Bib.=: Begg,

History of British Columbia; Nicolls, Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie.