Tecumseh 1768-1813 Born Near The Site Of Springfield Ohio First

appeared as a brave in a battle with Kentucky soldiers about 1788. In

the campaign of 1794-1795 between American troops and Indians, came into

prominence as a daring warrior. In 1805 he and his brother Ellskwatawa,

the Prophet, formed the project of uniting all the western tribes of

Indians in a war against the Americans. With this object visited the

different tribes and induced many to join his ranks. In the campaigns of

/> 1812-1813 joined the British against the Americans, and wounded at the

battle of Maguaga. In 1812 given the rank of brigadier-general. In 1813

killed at the battle of Moravian town, on the Thames, while leading his

Indian troops on the British side. =Index=: (General Brock era) Shawnee warrior,

desirous of uniting all the Indian tribes for their common defence, 150;

proposes alliance with United States, 150; his overtures being

rejected, decides on war, 151, 176; repulses Americans at Canard River,

237; disperses force of the enemy on their own territory, 237; in fight

at Maguaga, 241; his opinion of Brock, 246; appearance, dress, and

character, 246, 247; leads Indians in attack on Detroit, 254; his

commendation of Brock, 257. =Bib.=: Morgan, Cel. Can.; Dent, Can.

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