St Vallier Jean Baptiste De La Croix Chevrieres Des 1653-1727

Born at Grenoble. Came to Canada in 1685 as vicar-general under Laval.

Succeeded Laval as bishop of Quebec, 1688. Returning from France in

1704, on La Seine, taken prisoner by the English and detained in

England until 1709. Returned to France, spent four years there, and

finally arrived in Quebec in 1713. Remained in charge of his huge

diocese until his death. =Index=: (Bishop Laval era) Recommended to succeed Laval, 199,

/> 200; accepts position, 200; appointed provisionally grand-vicar, 201;

his liberality to Quebec Seminary, 202, 203; sails for Canada, 202;

makes visitations, 203; Laval's caution to, 206; disagrees with Laval on

certain questions, 208; his eulogy of Laval, 209; sails for France, 209;

consecration of, 219; returns to Canada, as bishop, 221; reverses

Laval's policy in regard to Seminary, 236; captured at sea by English

vessel, 243. (Count Frontenac era) Chosen by Bishop Laval as his successor, 191; comes out

to Canada first as vicar-general, 191; his first impression of country

and its inhabitants, 192; his revised opinion, 193, 220; pays pastoral

visit to Acadia, 1686, 271; issues mandate concerning the theatre, 337;

pays Frontenac 1000 francs on condition Tartuffe shall not be

produced, 337. =Bib.=: Charlevoix, History of New France; St. Valier

et l'Hopital General de Quebec; Parkman, Old Regime.