Perley Moses Henry 1804-1863 Born In Maugerville New Brunswick

Educated at St. John. In 1828 became an attorney; called to the bar of

New Brunswick, 1830, but soon forsook his profession. For some years

engaged in milling and lumbering, and, having mixed much with the Micmac

and Melicete Indians, appointed commissioner of Indian affairs and

immigration officer. In 1841 and succeeding years spent much time

visiting the Indian tribes and investigating their grievances. Also

active i
advertising the resources of the province, and in 1846 asked

to report on the capabilities of the country. A line of railway being

projected, sent to England in 1847 to report on the matter. Returning to

New Brunswick, pursued his investigations into the fisheries of the

province. In 1849 commissioned to report on the fisheries of the Gulf of

St. Lawrence; in 1850 those of the sea and rivers of New Brunswick; and

in 1851 those of the Bay of Fundy. In 1852-1853 compiled the trade

statistics which were used in the negotiations for the Reciprocity

Treaty between Canada and the United States. In 1854 the treaty was

signed, and he was appointed a commissioner to carry out the terms

arranged. =Index=: (Joseph Howe era) Fishery commissioner on behalf of Great Britain,

170; his death in Newfoundland, 1863, 170. =Bib.=: Sea and River

Fisheries of New Brunswick. For biog., see Hannay, History of New