Mance Jeanne 1606-1673 Born At Nogent-le-roi Infected With The

prevailing enthusiasm for missionary work in Canada, and in 1640

journeyed to Rochelle, intending to embark for the New World. At

Rochelle met Dauversiere and others interested in the project of a

missionary settlement at Montreal, and determined to throw in her lot

with them. Sailed to Quebec with Maisonneuve, and spent the winter there

with the Ursulines. In May, 1642, the colonists ascended the river,

having gained
nother convert at Quebec in the person of Madame de la

Peltrie. The following year a hospital was built at Montreal, with money

supplied by Madame de Bullion. Jeanne Mance was put in charge, and

devoted the remainder of her life to ministering to the sick, native as

well as white. =Index=: (Count Frontenac era) Establishes Hotel Dieu at Montreal, 29;

death of, 78. (Bishop Laval era) Founder of hospital at Montreal, 8; smitten by plague

on board the St. Andre, 31; laid one of the foundation stones of

Montreal church, 89; her labours in the hospital at Montreal, 91.