Maclean Colonel Allan 1725-1784 Born In Scotland Served In

Holland, 1747. In 1757 served with Montgomery's Highlanders in America,

and in 1761 major-commandant of the 114th Royal Highlanders. In 1775

lieutenant-colonel of the Royal Highland Emigrants. Served under

Carleton in the defence of Quebec, 1775-1776. =Index=: (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Raises

regiment of Royal Highland Emigrants, 111; takes part in repulse of

Arnold and Montgomery, 112; on methods of trade, 162; speech of Indians

to, 171; his precipitancy in arresting Pillon, 279, 280, 285; departure

of, 294; his correspondence with Haldimand, 306; his opinion of the

Americans, 307; letter to Haldimand regarding Du Calvet's movements,

209, 310; visits Haldimand in London, 311, 327. =Bib.=: Bradley, The

Making of Canada; Lucas, History of Canada.