Macaulay Sir James Buchan 1793-1859 Born At Niagara Ontario

Served in the Glengarry Fencibles during the War of 1812. In 1822 called

to the bar and rose rapidly in his profession. A strong opponent of

William Lyon Mackenzie, and in 1826 appeared as counsel against him. In

1829 became judge of the King's Bench; chief justice of the Court of

Common Pleas, 1849-1856; and subsequently of the Court of Error and

Appeal. Chairman of the commission to revise and consolidate the

statutes of Canada and Upper Canada. Knighted, 1859. =Index=: (William Lyon Mackenzie era)

Defends destroyers of Colonial Advocate, 115; offers compensation,

117; Mackenzie's opinion of, 118; violates secrecy of private letters,

121; taunts Mackenzie, 123; Mackenzie retaliates, 124; writes venomous

pamphlet, 125; Mackenzie's reply, 126. =Bib.=: Read, Lives of the

Judges; Dent, Upper Canadian Rebellion.