La Barre Joseph Antoine Lefebvre De

Governor of La Guyane in 1665;

and in 1682 arrived in Quebec as governor of Canada. His administration

marked by hopeless incompetence; recalled, 1685. =Index=: (Bishop Laval era) Succeeds

Frontenac as governor, 168; a feeble administrator, 185; prejudiced at

first against the bishop, 188; convokes a special assembly, 190; asks

for more troops, 191; his expedition against Iroquois, 193; makes terms

of peace, 193; recal
ed, 193. (Count Frontenac era) Governor, arrival of, 171; summons

conference on Indian question, 172; applies for troops, 172; criticized

in despatches by intendant, 173, 174; takes to illegitimate trading,

175; disparages discoveries of La Salle, 176; seizes Fort Frontenac and

Fort St. Louis, 177, 179; instructed to restore to La Salle all his

property, 180; his unwise instruction to Iroquois, 180; decides to make

war on Senecas, 181; corresponds with Colonel Dongan, governor of New

York, 182; leads expedition, 183; arranges ignominious terms of peace,

186; recalled, 188; unfitness for his position, 189; results of his weak

policy, 198, 209. =Bib.=: Parkman, Frontenac and La Salle.