Index : Count Frontenac Era Creates West India Company 49 Disapproves Frontenac's

action in summoning "three estates," 67; anti-clerical tendencies, 73;

Madame Maintenon's opinion of, 74; advice to Courcelles in relation to

ecclesiastical power, 115; asks for particulars as regards effect of

liquor traffic, 118; speaks of bishop as aiming at too much power, 119;

overthrow of his commercial policy, 151. (Bishop Laval era) Minister of marine and

colonies, not favourable to emigration, 80; enjoins Frontenac to act

with more moderation, 165; prejudiced against clergy, 170; his despatch

on subject of liquor traffic, 170. =Bib.=: Colby, Canadian Types of the

Old Regime; Chambers, Biog. Dict.