Fort Frontenac

(Count Frontenac era) Erected at Cataraqui, 83; conceded to La Salle,

156; seized by La Barre, 178; restored to La Salle, 179; Dongan demands

its destruction, 218; Denonville gives orders for blowing it up, 288;

order partially carried out, 234; repaired, 234; rebuilt, 341. (Wolfe / Montcalm era)

Protected outlet of Great Lakes, 17. (Bishop Laval era) Recollet mission at, 111. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era)

Name altered to Kingston by the British, 73. See also Cataraqui;

Kingston. =Bib.=: Parkman, Frontenac and La Salle; Sulte, Le Fort

de Frontenac (R. S. C., 1901).