Tryon William 1725-1788 Born In Ireland Served In The British

army. In 1764 sent to North Carolina, and on the death of Dobbs

succeeded him as lieutenant-governor in 1765. Held the position until

1771, when appointed governor of New York. In 1772 made a colonel, and

in 1777 major-general. During his administration of the colony

suppressed insurrections and political misdemeanours with great

severity. In 1778 resigned the governorship. On his return to England

promoted to lieutenant-general, 1782. =Index=: (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Governor of New

York, 89; his house burned, 91; returns to England, 91; Haldimand

refuses to send troops to aid of, 197. =Bib.=: Dict. Nat. Biog.; Cyc.

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