New France

Name given to the French possessions in North America,

otherwise known as Canada and Acadia. First discovered by Jacques

Cartier in 1534. First settlement made in Acadia by De Monts, in 1604;

and in Canada, by Champlain, in 1608. =Index=: (Lord Elgin era) Government of,

171-172; feudal tenure, etc., in, 171-185. (Samuel de Champlain era) Population of colony in

1629, 208; births, deaths, and marriages, 209; restoration of, demanded

by French king, 212; ceded back to France, 213; limits of, not clearly

defined, 222; colony based on religion, 255. See also Canada; Acadia;

Quebec; Port Royal; Montreal; Cartier; Champlain; Monts; Frontenac; La

Salle. =Bib.=: Charlevoix, Histoire de la Nouvelle France; Lescarbot,

Histoire de la Nouvelle France; Cartier, Voyages; Champlain,

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