Martinez Estevan Jose

Accompanied Perez to North-West Coast in 1773

as pilot. In 1788 sent again to the North-West Coast as joint commander

with De Haro of an expedition to watch the operations of the Russians;

the following year again sent north from Mexico in command of the

Princessa. Seized the Iphigenia at Nootka, but afterwards released

it; fortified Hog Island near Friendly Cove, and took formal possession

of Nootka; also seized several other vessels at Nootka, and imprisoned

Captain Colnett. After carrying out some local explorations returned to

Mexico. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) Asserts Spanish sovereignty over Pacific, 28; at

Nootka, 28; seizes Iphigenia and North-West America, and claims

Nootka by right of conquest, 28; claims disproved by Douglas, 28;

Iphigenia released, but North-West America retained, 29; seizes

Princess Royal and Argonaut, 29. =Bib.=: Bancroft, History of the

North-West Coast.