Galt Sir Alexander Tilloch 1817-1893 Son Of John Galt Qv

Elected to the Legislature, 1849, for Sherbrooke. Dropped out of public

life for several years, but in 1853 again elected for Sherbrooke. Took

an active part in the movement leading up to Confederation; a member of

several administrations before and after Confederation; high

commissioner in Great Britain, 1880-1883. =Index=: (Sir John A Macdonald era) Declines task of

forming a ministry, 86; becomes minister of finance in Cartier-M

administration, 86; speaks in favour of Confederation, 96; goes to

England with Cartier and Rose to secure approval of British government

to proposed union, 97; one of commissioners sent to England in 1865 to

confer with Imperial government on Confederation, defence, reciprocity,

etc., 120-121; minister of finance in first Dominion ministry, 134;

resigns, 1867, and succeeded by Rose, 136; introduces high tariff

(1859), 218; his protection policy supported by Macdonald, 219;

appointed high commissioner, 227. (Tilley era) Makes Confederation a Cabinet

question, 63; delegate to Charlottetown Conference, 74-75; to Quebec

Conference, 76; presented to the queen, 124; minister of finance in

first Dominion ministry, 129, 130. (George Brown Era) Asked by Sir Edmund Head to form

government, declines, 106, 133; favours federal union, 106; takes

Cayley's place in Macdonald-Cartier government, 107; advocates in 1858

federal union of all British North American provinces, 132-133; pledges

Cartier government to federal union policy, 133; mission to England,

133; his connection with reciprocity negotiations in 1865, 193-196; his

connection with negotiations with George Brown as to Confederation, 152,

154-155, 160; goes to England on Confederation mission, 186. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Goes to

England with Cartier and Rose in connection with Confederation, 56-57;

refuses decoration of C. B., 126-127. =Bib.=: Works: Canada from 1849

to 1859; Union of the British North American Provinces. For biog.,

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