Carleton Thomas 1736-1817 Served With Wolfe In 1755

quartermaster-general of the army in Canada, 1775; wounded in the naval

battle on Lake Champlain, 1776. Appointed first lieutenant-governor of

New Brunswick, 1784. Returned to England in 1803; the colony was

governed by administrators until 1817, when General Smyth was appointed

governor. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) Nephew of Lord Dorchester, 249;

lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick, 249. (Wilmot era) First governor of New

Brunswick, 5; his Council, 5; opposes reforms in government, 13; grants

charter to Fredericton Academy, 86. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Devastates country bordering on

Lake Champlain, 149; his expedient for obtaining rebel letters, 194; his

connection with the Du Calvet case, 280, 281. =Bib.=: Cyc. Am. Biog.;

Bradley, The Making of Canada.