Brule Etienne

A famous coureur de bois who accompanied Champlain

on his exploration of the Ottawa, in 1615, and subsequently made

extensive explorations in the country of the Hurons and the Iroquois

(1615-1618). Treacherously murdered near the present town of

Penetanguishene by a party of Hurons in 1632. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Interpreter,

accompanies Champlain to Quebec, 41; accompanies Champlain to the Ottawa

River, 88; at Cap de la Victoire, 139; learns Huron language, 144; sent

on mission to Three Rivers, 163; sides with the Kirkes, 194; conduct in

the Huron country, 202; his death, 203, 246. =Bib.=: Champlain,

Voyages; Sagard, Voyage du Pays des Hurons; Parkman, Pioneers of

France; Butterfield, History of Brule's Discoveries and Explorations;

Sulte, Etienne Brule (R. S. C., 1907).