Brown Peter 1784-1863 Born In Scotland Emigrated To New York In

1838; was owner and editor of the British Chronicle. Removed to

Toronto, 1843, and founded the Banner, a Free-Church Presbyterian

organ. In 1844 with his son, George Brown, established the Toronto

Globe, and contributed to it for some years. =Index=: (George Brown Era) Father of

George Brown, 1; his hatred of slavery, 1; emigration to America, 1838,

2; contributes to Albion, 2; publishes The Fame and Glory of England

Vindicated, 2; establishes the British Chronicle, New York, 4;

removes to Toronto, and with his son establishes the Banner, 5; on

committee of Anti-Slavery Society, 113; his work on the Globe,

243-244; his death, 1863, 244. =Bib.=: Dict. Nat. Biog.; Dent, Can.