Blake Edward 1833- Born In Adelaide Ontario Educated At Upper

Canada College and University of Toronto. Called to the bar of Ontario,

1859. From 1867 to 1872 a member of Alexander Mackenzie's Dominion

ministry; in 1875-1877 minister of justice and attorney-general; and

1877-1878 president of the Council. From 1878 to 1887 leader of the

Liberal opposition in the House of Commons. In 1892 went to Ireland and

elected member for South Longford in the British House of Commons;

1907. =Index=: (Sir John A Macdonald era) Favours attacks Canadian Pacific Railway

scheme, 235; resigns leadership of Ontario Liberals, 1872, 152; attacks

government on Redistribution Bill, 274; supports Costigan's Home Rule

resolution, 277; contrasted with Macdonald, 277-279; mutual antagonism,

277-279; supports Landry's motion that Riel's sentence should have been

commuted, 280; not favourable to commercial union, 296; refuses to run

in election of 1891, 315; denounces policy of unrestricted reciprocity,

315-316. (George Brown Era) His speech at Aurora advocating Imperial federation, 235,

240. (William Lyon Mackenzie era) On when rebellion is justified, 26, 27. =Bib.=: Morgan, Can.

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