Canadian Magazines

Among the earliest magazines published in what is

now Canada were the Nova Scotia Magazine, Halifax, 1789; the Quebec

Magazine, Quebec, 1791-1793; L'Abeille Canadienne, Quebec, 1818-1819;

the Canadian Review, 1824-1826; the Bibliotheque Canadienne,

Montreal, 1825; Literary Garland, Montreal, 1838; Acadian Magazine,

Halifax, 1826; and the Revue Canadienne, 1845. There have been several

periodicals bearing the name of Canadian Magazine, the earliest

published at Montreal in 1823; a second published at Toronto in 1833;

another at Toronto, 1871; and the present periodical of the same name,

which dates from 1893. Of the earlier magazines, the Literary Garland

and the Revue Canadienne alone lived for any considerable time, the

former having been published for over thirteen years, and the latter

still survives. =Bib.=: Hopkins, Canada: An Ency., vol. 5.

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