Canadian Institute

Founded at Toronto, June 20, 1849, by Sandford

Fleming, and Kivas Tully, with several other surveyors, civil

engineers, and architects practising in and about Toronto. A royal

charter was granted Nov. 4, 1851, in which the objects of the society

are declared to be "the encouragement and general advancement of the

physical sciences, the arts and the manufactures," etc. Among the early

presidents were Sir W. E. Logan, Sir Henry Lefroy, Sir John Beverley

Robinson, George W. Allan, W. H. Draper, Sir Daniel Wilson, and Sir

Oliver Mowat. The publications of the Institute began with the Canadian

Journal, 1852, and have been continued, as Proceedings, Transactions,

etc., to the present time. =Bib.=: The Canadian Journal, 1852-1878;

Proceedings, 1879-1890; Transactions, 1890- . A semi-centennial

memorial volume, published 1899, contains Early Days of the Canadian

Institute by Sir Sandford Fleming.

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