Canadian Contingents In The Boer War 1899-1902 Consisted Of The

Royal Canadian Infantry, Canadian Mounted Rifles, Royal Canadian

Artillery, and Strathcona's Horse. The first contingent, which sailed

for South Africa from Quebec, Oct. 30, 1899, numbered 1141. The second

contingent, which sailed from Halifax in January and February, 1900,

mustered 1320. These two contingents comprised the official Canadian

contribution to the British forces in the war, but Lord Strathcona also

raised a contingent at his own expense. This contingent, known as

Strathcona's Horse, sailed from Halifax in March, 1900, the force

numbering 540 officers and men, and 599 horses. Over 3000 Canadians

therefore took part in the war against the Boers. Throughout the

operations in South Africa, the Canadians signally distinguished

themselves, particularly at the battle of Paardeberg on Feb. 27, 1900,

when with the Gordon Highlanders and the Shropshires they led the final

attack on Cronje's position. =Bib.=: Evans, The Canadian Contingents;

Marquis, Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt; Doyle, The Great Boer


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