Campbell Sir Colin 1776-1847 Served In India 1801-1804 And

afterwards in Denmark and the Peninsula; attached to Wellington's staff

at the battle of Waterloo; promoted major-general, 1825;

lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia, 1834-1840; governor of Ceylon,

1840-1847. =Index=: (Joseph Howe era) Lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia, 45, 58;

antagonizes popular party, 62; his removal asked for at the instance of

Joseph Howe, 65-67; defended by James W. Johnstone, 67; succeeded by

Lord Falkland, 69. =Bib.=: Howe, Letters and Speeches; Dict. Nat.

Biog.; Chisholm, Speeches and Public Letters of Joseph Howe;

Campbell, History of Nova Scotia; Saunders, Three Premiers of Nova

Scotia. See also Joseph Howe.

Campbell Sir Archibald 1769-1843 Born In Scotland Entered The Campbell Sir William 1758-1834 Born In Scotland Enlisted As A facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail