Campbell Sir Alexander 1821-1892 Studied Law Under John A

Macdonald, with whom he later formed a partnership; and called to the

bar of Upper Canada, 1843. Elected to the Legislative Council, 1858;

and Speaker, 1863. Commissioner of crown lands, 1864-1866;

postmaster-general in first Dominion ministry, 1867-1873; minister of

the interior, 1873; receiver-general, 1878-1879; postmaster-general,

1879-1880; 1880-1881; 1885-1887; minister of militia and defence, 1880;

minister of justice, 1881-1885. In 1887 appointed lieutenant-governor of

Ontario, an office which he retained up to the time of his death.

Campbell Robert 1808-1894 Entered Service Of Hudson's Bay Company Campbell Sir Archibald 1769-1843 Born In Scotland Entered The facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail