Bouquet Henry 1719-1765 Born In Switzerland Served In Holland

Sardinia, and with the Prince of Orange. Was Captain-commandant of the

Swiss Guards at the Hague, 1748. Entered the British army; came to

America in 1754; with Haldimand and the "Royal Americans"; and held a

leading command for several years in the French and Indian wars. Died at

Pensacola, Florida. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) His services in Pontiac's War, 6;

death of, 6; Bouquet papers in British Museum, 7. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Life-long friend

of Haldimand, 5; his early military service, 6; his studious habits, 8;

member of Swiss Guards at the Hague, 8; recommended for command in Royal

American Regiment, 9; experiences ill-feeling between American colonists

and British troops, 12; in Carolina, 13; his letters throw side-lights

on the affairs in the colonies, 14-15; popular in military profession,

16; Indian warfare, 16; at Fort Pitt, 16; Haldimand advises him not to

leave the service, 40; defeats Indians at Bushy Run, 58; thanked by the

king and promoted, 58; death of, 58, 63; Haldimand laments his loss, 62;

his tomb, 63; his papers preserved in Canadian Archives, 319; some of

his letters missing, 338. =Bib.=: Parkman, Montcalm and Wolfe and

Conspiracy of Pontiac; Canadian Archives Report, 1889.

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