(General Brock era) Flags hung there at half-mast on declaration of war

against Great Britain, 208. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Rebellious sentiment comes to head at,

84; Haldimand doubts wisdom of closing the port, 85; dangerous condition

of affairs at, 95-96, 97-98; reception to General Gage, 96; Haldimand's

removal to, 103, people of, revile Haldimand, 105; Haldimand's house at,

107; loss at Bunker Hill, 108; Louis Haldimand at, 109; Loyalists leave,

110; Haldimand's rank at, 121. (Bishop Laval era) Americans of, their designs against

priests and missionaries, 11.

Bossuet Jacques Benigne 1627-1704 Churchman And Orator Bishop Of Boston facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail