Blackfoot Indians

A Western confederacy, of Siksika stock. First

described in the journal of Anthony Hendry, 1754-1755, and again by

Matthew Cocking, 1772-1773. They were then known to the Crees as the

Archithinue. Cocking also gives the following for the five tribes in the

confederacy: Powestic-Athinuewuck or Water-fall Indians;

Mithco-Athinuwuck or Bloody Indians; Koskitow-Wathesitock or

Black-footed Indians; Pegonow or Muddy-water Indians; and Sassewuck or

Woody-country Indians. Their habitat was then, and until comparatively

recent times, in the foot-hills of the Rocky Mountains, on the upper

waters of the Saskatchewan. They are now for the most part on

reservations in Alberta. =Bib.=: Petitot, Traditions Indiennes du

Canada Nord-Ouest; Grinnell, Blackfoot Lodge Tales; Hendry Journal

(R. S. C., 1908); Cocking Journal (R. S. C., 1909); Franklin, Polar

Sea; Catlin, North American Indians.

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