Biencourt De Poutrincourt Charles 1583-1638? Son Of Jean De

Biencourt. Accompanied his father to Port Royal in 1605. Returned to

France in 1610; made vice-admiral in the seas of New France, and,

somewhat unwillingly, brought with him to Acadia in 1611 the Jesuits

Biard and Masse. While absent from Port Royal, the fort was attacked and

burnt by Argall in 1613. Biencourt partially rebuilt Port Royal, and was

still there in 1618. Returned to France some time before 1621, and

appointed director of the Royal Academy of Paris, which position he held

up to the time of his death. =Bib.=: Parkman, Pioneers of France;

Patterson, Last Days of Charles de Biencourt (R. S. C., 1896).

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