Bidwell Marshall Spring 1799-1872 Born In New England Came To

Canada with his father, 1812, and practised law. In 1824-1835 a member

of the Upper Canada Assembly; in 1829 elected Speaker of the House, and

re-elected, 1835. One of the leaders of the popular party of Upper

Canada, and his outspoken sympathy with the Rebellion of 1837-1838

resulted in his banishment. =Index=: (William Lyon Mackenzie era) Elected Speaker of the House,

151; defends Mackenzie, 181, 182; moves committee of inquiry, 184; moves

Mackenzie's eligibility, 243; discountenances royal veto, 251; again

elected Speaker of the House, 261; Head declines to make him judge, 377;

defeated for the House, 380; refuses nomination to Convention, 343;

gives legal advice to rebels, 343; his part in the Rebellion, 357;

accepts voluntary exile, 358. (Egerton Ryerson era) One of the leaders of the popular

party in Upper Canada Assembly, 66, 67. =Bib.=: Dent, Can. Por. and

Upper Canadian Rebellion; Morgan, Cel. Can.; Cyc. Am. Biog.;

Davin, The Irishman in Canada.

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