Biard Pierre 1565-1622 Came To Port Royal In 1611 With Masse The

first of their order in New France. The relations of the Jesuits with

Poutrincourt and his son Biencourt were far from cordial; little or no

progress was made with the conversion of the Micmacs; and in 1613 Biard

sailed with Masse for Mount Desert, with an expedition sent out by

Madame de Guercheville. They had hardly begun the new settlement, when

Argall swooped down, seized their ship, plundered their property, and

carried Biard and some of his companions prisoners to Virginia. Argall

brought the Jesuit back with him to Acadia the same year; the vessel in

which he sailed was carried out to sea, and after a series of adventures

Biard finally reached France and remained there. =Bib.=: Biard,

Relation; Carayon, Premiere Mission des Jesuites au Canada; Parkman,

Pioneers of France.

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