Bethune John

Born in Scotland, 1751. Emigrated in his early years to

South Carolina, and was chaplain of the loyal militia. In 1786 resided

in Montreal; minister of the Presbyterian church there; afterwards

appointed to a mission in Glengarry. =Index=: (John Graves Simcoe era) Presbyterian minister,

reputed author of petition, for repeal of Marriage Act, 161, 162; the

first Presbyterian minister to arrive in Upper Canada, 164; received

stipend from the government, 164. =Bib.=: Taylor, Brit. Am.;

Macdonell, Sketches Illustrating the Early Settlement and History of

Glengarry in Canada.

Bethune Alexander Neil 1800-1879 Born In Glengarry Ontario In Betts facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail