Bedard Pierre Stanislas 1762-1829 Educated At The Seminary Of

Quebec; studied law, and appointed advocate, 1790. Elected for

Northumberland to the first Legislature of Lower Canada, 1792. In 1806,

with a number of other French-Canadians in the Assembly, founded Le

Canadien, to represent the views of the popular party. In 1810 the

paper seized, and Bedard and his associates arrested on a charge of

treasonable practices. Released the following year. In 1812 appointed

judge of the District Court of Three Rivers. Retired in 1829 on account

of ill health. =Index=: (Louis Joseph Papineau era) Leader of French-Canadians in Lower Canada

Assembly, 27; opposes property tax, 27; establishes Le Canadien, 28;

considered by Sir James Craig a dangerous revolutionist, 28; sent to

jail, 29; released and charges withdrawn, 29; moves resolution as to

ministerial responsibility, 96. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Claims liberty of the press, 95;

sent to jail, 95; released, 96; asks for ministerial responsibility, 96.

(General Brock era) Arrested, 127; demands trial, 128; released, 145. =Bib.=: Parent,

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