Beaver Club

Founded in Montreal in 1775 by the partners of the North

West Company. It opened with nineteen members, and at one time the

registry showed ninety-three members, with eleven honorary members.

Among them were such famous fur traders and explorers as Alexander

Mackenzie and his cousin Roderick, the three Frobishers, Alexander Henry

and his nephew of the same name, Simon McTavish, James Finlay, Simon

Fraser, John Stuart, and David Thompson. The motto of the club was

"Fortitude in Difficulties." No one was admitted who had not made a

journey to the North-West and wintered there. The club entertained many

distinguished guests, including Sir John Franklin, Lord Selkirk,

Washington Irving, and the Earl of Dalhousie. The club was disbanded in

1824 after the union of the North West and Hudson's Bay Companies. An

effort to revive it in 1827 proved unsuccessful. =Index=: (Mackenzie / Selkirk / Simpson era) Founded

by the partners of the North West Company, 139; lavish hospitality and

boisterous banquets, 139. (General Brock era) Famous social club at Montreal, 99.

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