Bearn Regiment

Established 1595, and served with distinction in a

number of European campaigns. Landed at Quebec, June, 1755, with the

regiment of Guienne and a portion of the Languedoc battalion, and added

to its laurels at Fort Frontenac, Niagara, Oswego, Carillon, Fort

William Henry, and Ticonderoga. In 1759, on the Plains of Abraham, it

occupied the place of honour, having been placed by Montcalm in the

centre of his line. =Index=: (Wolfe / Montcalm era) Regular French troops, 29; in battle

of the Plains, 192; in battle of Ste. Foy, 258. =Bib.=: Doughty, Siege

of Quebec; Wood, The Fight for Canada.

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