Bagot Sir Charles 1781-1843 Born In England Educated At Rugby And

Oxford; entered Parliament, 1807, becoming under-secretary for foreign

affairs. Minister plenipotentiary to France, 1814; and to the United

States, 1815-1820. Privy councillor, 1815; ambassador to St. Petersburg,

1820; and to the Hague, 1824. Governor-general of Canada, 1841-1843.

Died in Kingston soon after retiring from office. =Index=: (Lord Sydenham era) Follows

Canadian line of policy, 351; finds country tranquil, 355. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) His

letter to Lord Stanley on La Fontaine's arrest, 49; succeeds Sydenham,

113; a Tory of the old school, 113; previous career, 113; his policy,

113-114; studies political conditions, 114-115; his popularity in Lower

Canada, 115; plans a coalition government, 117; his speech from the

throne, 122; anxious to bring Baldwin and La Fontaine into Cabinet, 121;

his letter to La Fontaine, 122-124; denounced by Tory press, 140-142;

difficulties of his position, 141; his illness, 149; subjected to bitter

attacks and censure, 149-152; asks for and obtains his recall, 152; his

death, May 19, 1843, 152; denounced even in death, 153; on responsible

government, 162, 163, 164; Kaye on, 171; lays corner-stone of King's

College, 193. (Lord Elgin era) His political attitude as governor, 30; friendly

towards French-Canadians, 30-31. (Egerton Ryerson era) Supported by Ryerson, 122;

favourable attitude towards popular government, 126; question of popular

education, 163. (George Brown Era) Relations of Peel government with, xii; friendly

attitude towards French-Canadians, 16; attacked by Tories for bringing

La Fontaine and Baldwin into Cabinet, 16; his action denounced by Peel

and Duke of Wellington, 17, 18; recalled at his own request, 18; his

death, 18. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Concedes responsible government, 17. (Sir John A Macdonald era) Succeeds

Sydenham, 17; brings Reform leaders into Cabinet, 18; resigns

government, 18. =Bib.=: Richardson, Eight Years in Canada; Kingsford,

History of Canada, Dent, Last Forty Years and Can. Por.; Dict. Nat.


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