Assiniboine River

Discovered by La Verendrye in 1736. Fort Rouge was

built at the mouth of the river in that year, as well as Fort La Reine,

near the present city of Portage la Prairie. From the latter fort, two

years later, La Verendrye set forth on his memorable journey to the

Mandan Indians on the Missouri. Before the close of the century, both

the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company had trading

establishments at various points on the river. First named Riviere St.

Charles; afterwards Riviere des Assiliboilles, and Stone Indian River;

finally settling in present form. =Bib.=: Bryce, Assiniboine River and

its Forts (R. S. C., 1892); Dawson, Canada and Newfoundland; Burpee,

Search for the Western Sea; Hind, Canadian Red River and Assiniboine

and Saskatchewan Expeditions.

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