Arthur Sir George 1784-1854 The Last Lieutenant-governor Of Upper

Canada, 1838-1841. The chief event of his tenure of office was the

suppression of the Upper Canadian Rebellion. Had been successively

governor of Honduras and Van Diemen's Land previous to his Canadian

appointment; and on leaving Canada appointed to the governorship of

Bombay. =Index=: (William Lyon Mackenzie era) Governor of Upper Canada, 435; disregards clemency

petitions, 435; learns of intended attack on Canada, 441; renews reward

for Mackenzie's capture, 445; proposes exchange of prisoners and

refugees, 463; United States refuses, 463. (General Brock era) Organizes military

gathering at Queenston Heights, 313. (Lord Sydenham era) Succeeds Sir F. B. Head, 109;

reactionary in his views, 109-110; his attitude towards responsible

government, 125-126; cautioned by colonial secretary, 127; instructed to

act in harmony with new governor-general, 144; meets him at Montreal,

153; explains his position and views, 156-161; receives governor-general

at Toronto, and hands over seal of province, 197. (Egerton Ryerson era) His efforts to

repel American attacks, 117; Ryerson disappointed in, 118; proposes

division of Clergy Reserves, 119. See Rebellion of 1837 (Upper

Canada). =Bib.=: Kingsford, History of Canada; Dent, Upper Canadian

Rebellion; Bradshaw, Self-Government in Canada; Read,

Lieutenant-Governors of Upper Canada.

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