Arnold Benedict 1741-1801 A Druggist At New Haven Conn When The

War of Independence broke out, in 1775, organized an expedition against

British on Lake Champlain. The same year led a body of picked men to

Quebec by way of the Kennebec and Chaudiere. After the unsuccessful

assault on Quebec, was in several small engagements near Montreal;

finally driven out of the province. Given command of Philadelphia; took

offence at slights put upon him by Congress, and attempted to betray

West Point to Clinton. Afterwards commanded a corps of American refugees

on the British side; settled for a time in the West Indies; died in

London. =Index=: (Lord Dorchester era) Captures and abandons Fort St. Johns, 83; his

early life, 104; assigned command of expedition against Quebec, 105;

constitution of his force, 106; his march through the wilderness,

107-109; assisted by the habitants, 110; crosses St. Lawrence and

lands at Wolfe's Cove, 110; sends summons for surrender of Quebec, 111;

retires to Pointe aux Trembles, 111; repulsed and wounded in attack on

Quebec, 128; surrender of his men, 131; is transferred to Montreal,

132-135; advances to meet Foster, 142; burns chateau of Senneville, 143;

his narrow escape, 147; in command of American ships on Lake Champlain,

155; defeated near Crown Point, 156. (John Graves Simcoe era) Applies for grant of land in

Upper Canada, 104. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) His repulse at Quebec, 112; the invasion, 127;

his "Address to the People of America," 227; commissioners sent to

Montreal to confer with, 276; furnishes list of rebels to Clinton, 281.

See also Montgomery; Ethan Allen; American Invasion. =Bib.=: Arnold,

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