Argall Sir Samuel

Born in Walthamstow, England. A type of the

founders of British colonial dominion. Sent, May, 1609, with a small

vessel to the new settlement at Jamestown, Va., to trade and fish. The

following year took out Lord Delaware to Jamestown, arriving in time to

save the colony from starvation. In 1812 carried off Pocahontas to the

settlement of Jamestown. Later in the year sent with a vessel of 14 guns

to destroy the French settlements on the north coast, regarded as

infringing on the Virginia patent. Captured Mount Desert, St. Croix, and

Port Royal. On return voyage forced the commandant at New Amsterdam to

recognize English suzerainty by hauling down the Dutch flag and running

up the English. May, 1617, made deputy governor of Virginia. In 1620

served against the Algerine pirates under Sir Robert Mansell. Knighted

in 1622. In 1625 admiral of a squadron cruising after a hostile Dunkirk

fleet, and took some prizes. In October, 1625, with the futile

expedition against Cadiz under Lord Wimbledon. Died, 1626. =Bib.=:

Argall's own narrative; Parkman, Pioneers of France; Calnek and

Savary, History of the County of Annapolis.

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