Archibald Sir Adams George 1814-1892 Educated At Pictou Academy

Studied law; in 1838 called to the bar of Prince Edward Island; and to

that of Nova Scotia in 1839. Elected to the Nova Scotia Assembly for

Colchester, 1851. Attorney-general of Nova Scotia, 1860-1863. Delegate

to the various Conferences leading up to Confederation. Became

secretary of state for the provinces in first Dominion ministry.

Lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, 1870-1872; and of Nova Scotia,

1873-1883. Knighted, 1885. =Index=: =Md

Secretary of state for

provinces in first Dominion ministry, 135; succeeds MacDougall as

lieutenant-governor of the North-West Territories, 161-162. (Joseph Howe era) Becomes

solicitor-general and member of Executive Council of Nova Scotia, 1856,

157; attorney-general, 1860, 169; leader of the opposition, 176;

delegate to Charlottetown Conference, 1864, 177; supports

Confederation, 186; goes to England as delegate to complete

Confederation, 189; his interview with Joseph Howe, 189; member of first

Dominion ministry, 1867, 198; retires from ministry, and succeeded by

Howe, 226. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) First lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, 130. (Tilley era) Delegate

from Nova Scotia to Charlottetown Conference, 73; delegate to Quebec

Conference, 77; secretary of state in first Dominion ministry, 129.

Archibald Samuel George William 1777-1846 Born In Colchester Archives facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail