Archibald Samuel George William 1777-1846 Born In Colchester

County, Nova Scotia. Studied law and practised in Nova Scotia; obtained

a seat in the Legislature; became Speaker, solicitor-general, and

afterwards attorney-general of the province. Chief-justice of Prince

Edward Island, 1824-1828, remaining Speaker of the Nova Scotia Assembly

and solicitor-general, during the whole term of his incumbency of the

chief-justiceship. =Index=: (Joseph Howe era) Contributes to The Club in Howe's

Nova Scotian, 10; in House of Assembly, 18; leader of popular party,

35; becomes Speaker, 57; appointed Master of the Rolls, 74. =Bib.=:

Campbell, History of Nova Scotia.

Archambault Louis Archibald Sir Adams George 1814-1892 Educated At Pictou Academy facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail