Annexation To United States

A fitful movement, never reaching serious

proportions, and generally the result of temporary or local

dissatisfaction with political conditions, or of commercial depression.

Goldwin Smith was for many years its prophet. =Index=: (Sir John A Macdonald era) Favoured by

small wing of Reform party, 23; manifesto issued by business men of

Montreal, its causes, 39, 40, 95; opposition to Confederation raises

hopes of American party, 118; movement in Nova Scotia, 145; movement in

British Columbia, 149; Goldwin Smith, the gloomy prophet of, 293;

advocated by Edward Farrer, 312-313. (William Lyon Mackenzie era) W. L. Mackenzie not in favour

of, 10. (Baldwin / La Fontaine / Hincks era) Manifesto of 1849, 336; Sir John Abbott on, 336; advocated

by many of the Radicals of Lower Canada, 343. (Sir Georges E. Cartier era) Advocated by

Democratic party in Quebec, 26; said by Elgin to be popular among

commercial classes in 1849, 44; countenanced by Sir John Abbott and L.

H. Holton, 44-45; what it would mean for Quebec, 64. (George Brown Era) Threatened by

repeal of Corn Laws in 1846, 31, 32; the Montreal Manifesto, 36-37;

sentiment for, charged against Clear Grits, 42; opposition charged with,

in Confederation debate, 185; Brown holds that Reciprocity scheme

designed to promote, 194; charge of, denied by Canada First party, 237.

(Lord Elgin era) Sentiment for, in 1847, 5; Elgin on, 58; Montreal Manifesto, 80-82;

advocated by the Parti Rouge, 109; Elgin's efforts to counteract

movement, 189-190; Durham on, 192-193; conditions favouring movement,

194-195; repeal of Reciprocity Treaty designed to promote, 202. (Louis Joseph Papineau era)

Threatened in Ninety-Two Resolutions, 92-93; advocated in 1848, and

since Confederation, 96; advocated by Papineau, O'Callaghan, and their

friends, 97. =Bib.=: Dent, Last Forty Years; Weir, Sixty Years in

Canada; Kirby, Counter Manifesto to the Annexationists of Montreal;

Denison, The Struggle for Imperial Unity.

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